Cognitive Radio and Management of Spectrum and Radio Resources in Reconfigurable Networks


Wireless communication attracts enormous investments, while at the same time user requirements continuously increase. Moreover, evolution in wireless technologies should keep pace with the aforementioned fields, in order to facilitate the integration of innovative services and applications in everyday communication. Aligned with these thoughts, this white paper constitutes the result of work conducted within the 6 working group of the Wireless World Research Forum with respect to Cognitive Radio and the efficient management of spectrum and radio resources in reconfigurable systems. For this purpose, a technical approach for all anticipated problems related to the management of future systems is initially done, followed in the sequel by an addressing of the impacts of different air interfaces on wireless connectivity. Moreover, the respective regulatory perspectives are also apposed, and promising future research directions are highlighted in the end of this white paper. Joint Editor Group: Lars Berlemann, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, George Dimitrakopoulos, University of Piraeus, Klaus Moessner, The University of Surrey, Jim Hoffmeyer, Panasonic Research, Wireless World Research Forum Working Group 6 White Paper Cognitive Radio and Management of Spectrum and Radio Resources © 2005, Wireless World Research Forum Table of


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